Kite and Board demos blowing up a spot near You!


The Florida keys

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This post is a bit overdue.  We Hit the keys and had so much kiteing there wasn’t any time left.  If your in florida and you don’t make it down there to kite expect the kite fairy to forget you this Christmas.  It would be a travesty.  Though if you promise to find your way to the grassy shallows and warm waters that offer epic downwinders through the magroves, then I suppose you may be remembered.

All the locals said Its been windy for the last couple months.  With only a day for this part of the tour we made our way streight to where the action was at.  ane’s beach on Isla Marada.  The Crew got a session.  Some of the Local crew was out and the ConnectRails system was setup.  It was Sick.  A little later we went back north and sessioned the whale Harbor spot.   Just blownaway by spots and good conditions we came back a second day. Thinking of the climate we would be returning too in just a few days we made the most of the warm waters.  There were RRD kites in the air all day.  If it wasn’t one of the crew going out to ride it was one of the lucky kiters that stopped by.  We got stoked by the conditions and crew and it seemed to go all around.   We could have spent a week just in the one spot, easily.  There are how many more Islands and beaches?  Even more spots are open if you ferry out by boat.  come to think it we all might just move.

The keys are still awesome.  ya they might not be Egypt or New Cal but its right here in our back yard.  Even with all the places there are to visit abroad and kite it would be worth making the time to visit the keys.  I’m planning on it.   Its great to have people show you the ropes at the new spot and be so open and inviting.  If your nice they may even let slip some secret ones as we’ll.  Good karma for the kite fiery.


Jupiter demo

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Were feeling lucky.  Our 2nd day Florida keeps our windy days at 100% for this leg of the trip.  We set up obsessions, visions, and pro’s at 33 and had wind all day.  There was a good turn out.  The crew took out twintips and surfboards to have fun in the waves.

RRD Bliss 2012

Jupiter, FL had some solid wind on Thursday. Kite sizes were 9- 10.5m with good size surf. It blows dead on shore here so getting up wind thru the surf was sometimes a challenge. The RRD Bliss twin tip was the weapon of choice. This board excels in choppy water and wave riding. Riding upwind was effortless which helps a lot during onshore wave sessions. The Bliss also feels very stable and in control at all times. When dropping in a wave the bottom turns are fast and locked in while allowing one to aggressively snap a cut back of the top of the wave without sliding out and losing an edge. Overall this fits into the freestyle/wave program. Those who love to carve waves while throwing some hooded-in tricks in the surf all in one session, this is the board.

Van Tour – Day 3 wrap up.

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The wind filled in and we shredded Jax beach in Jacksonville, FL. I rode the 2012 9.0 Obsession, RRD Joystick, and the 2012 Yori Zoon Shadow harness. That quiver just gets your blood flowing and really made the session super fun. I had the chance to ride with Gerrit Albetski as well. Gerrit is a key figure in the distribution company that brings in all of the Mystic, RRD, and underground products. We talk about gear and do business almost everyday but I have never rode with him. Today we got to shred and it was awesome. I always enjoy riding with new people and sharing that after session stoke. Today we are going to be hitting up Jupiter, FL. Check the Demo dates page for a detailed description of when and where the demo wille be. Stay tuned!

Day 3, Finally hittin the w@ter!

Update on the Mystic and RRD tour. We are now in Jacksonville Florida catching some breakfast @ IHOP (Cinnabun filled french toast, mmm mmm B!tch!!) About to kite some North East winds @ Jax Beach Pier!! Come check out some gear. PEACE!


Van Tour – Day Two

Day two of the Mystic, RRD, and Underground tour was sick!. We hit a lot of different places. We stayed in Charleston, South Carolina, which we highly recommend. It has awesome kiting as well as tons to do. We hit another shop in Charleston in the morning, had some Mexican food for breakfast, and headed down to Tybee Island, GA. Tybee looked like a really cool place to ride and It had a nice atmosphere. The town itself had a very relaxed vibe which made it feel a lot like home, except with palm trees. After chilling in Tybee we had to make it down to Jacksonville to pick up Gerrit Albetski. While we waited for the flight we played some Call of Duty MW3 on PS3 in the van. Sick little feature. We ended the day eating some breakfast at the Waffle House and planning our adventures for today. Today we are headed to St. Augustine to pick up even more 2012 gear! I also just checked the wind and it on! Demo anyone? We will be in the NE of FL. I will add the specifics later on the exact spot. I look forward to seeing everyone that can make it up! Stay tuned. -Adam Super

tour update

It was a cold night camping at james island county park. We packed up and brewed some joe. A necessity after a few drinks with John Brown in downtown Charleston. Now the van and crew is on its way to Catch Some Air kite shop.